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Nov 24, 2008
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    I have recently been put on hold post interview at Rosalind Franklin. This is the only interview I have been invited to thus far, and really enjoyed the tour while I was there. This school is very close to my house, and I could live at home if I attended this school. My question is, do you think I should write a letter of intent or should I just wait to see if I get in? If I should write a LOI do you have any suggestions of would I could include in the letter?
    thanks all.


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    Jun 12, 2008
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      If you just interviewed there (<1 week), then it would be too soon to send any letter. Your file most likely won't even go up for evaluation post-interview for another 2-3 weeks. For myself, I sent a strong Letter of Interest when I knew that my file was going up for review 4 weeks after my interview.


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      Oct 22, 2008
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        I don't know your stats or which schools you applied to, but don't be too sure you won't be able to get an interview anywhere else. I would be hesitant to write a letter of intent until February or March, when for the most part interviews are wrapping up. I would hate for you to write a LOI, then get interviews at schools that you like equally as well or even more than RF.

        So, hold out for a while--that's my advice. In the meantime, you can write a letter of interest, and keep the school updated with any accomplishments, grades, etc.

        When it does come time to write it, you want to include why you would be such a great fit at that school. Make sure to articulate some significant reasons, not just "I loved the school." What about the program makes you love it? Is it the curriculum, if so what about it? You also don't want to sound too desperate. Overall, just sound genuine.
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