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Letter of Intent


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May 2, 2010
  1. Medical Student (Accepted)

    I am still deciding between two schools, and I also have a school that I am waiting to hear back from. While I am still in the process of deciding and waiting, can I make a deposit/sign a letter of intent for more than one school?

    Thank you!


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    Oct 22, 2012
    1. Dental Student
      It seems that the rules state AADSAS will let all dental schools know where deposits have been made by each person in April. So, if you do make a deposit at more than one school just make sure to withdraw before April from the ones you will not be attending. You may also lose the deposits you make, depending on the school, if you withdraw. If dental schools see that you have deposits at more than one school they may rescind your acceptance.

      Anyways, good luck making your decision!
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      Placing a deposit and writing a letter of intent/interest are two very different things.

      The letter writing goes on BEFORE you are accepted. It's basically saying IF you accept me I will 100% attend your school (or this school is one of my top choices if you accept me for a letter of interest). If you write a letter of intent and they accept you and then you don't attend that school, that is very bad form.

      This does not apply to you, since you did not do this before you were accepted. Once you've been accepted you are allowed to put down multiple deposits as long as you withdraw from the schools you don't want to attend by April. After April, if you have a school you really want to attend over a school you've been accepted to, I'm pretty sure you can go on the wait list, but if they accept you from the wait list you are going to have to make a quick decision about which school to attend and withdraw from one of the two.

      Does that make more sense?
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