May 14, 2020
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Hey guys! I'm new to the optometry admissions process and I wanted to get optometry experience earlier this year, but it didn't work out due to COVID. Thankfully, my optometrist was nice enough to let me shadow and so far, I have done about 10 hours of shadowing with him. He is pretty much my only option in getting a letter of recommendation and I was wondering if you guys have advice on when it would be appropriate to ask? I haven't done too many hours with him yet, but I really wanted to submit my application ASAP (mid august the latest) because I don't see myself as a strong applicant. This would probably give him 3-4 weeks to write the letter, if I were to ask right now. Do you guys have any advice on whether now would be an appropriate time to ask (even though I shadowed him only for a few hours so far) and if 3-4 weeks is an appropriate amount of time to ask for a recommendation?
May 10, 2019
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I think you should ask him! Given the circumstances, he should understand and the fact that you are giving him a good amount of time to write the letter helps even more! I would give him your resume, personal statement, and write him a short note explaining why you value his perspective and some things that you learned while shadowing him. :)
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Jun 8, 2020
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Ask him- but keep shadowing him in the meantime. That a way he can still develop that relationship with you and sees you are truly interested in shadowing and not just the letter.
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