Letter of Rec after completed at most schools?

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Mar 24, 2015
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So I'm in a weird spot. My PI has offered to write a letter of Rec for me. He is a very well known surgeon at a large academic center on the east coast and I'm unsure if sending in a letter after being completed at most school will even be noticed or cause me to have to be Re-reviewed. Not too sure what that process is, but would love some advice.

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A side note: if my memory is correct, Northwestern University require 3 rec letters to complete your application, but they welcome more rec letters ONLY AFTER you are invited for their interview.
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What did you end up doing? I'm curious bc I just submitted my first handful of schools early last week and was complete but just got my volunteer director's letter which I would really like to be considered at all schools, not just where I'm yet to submit

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As long as the director was included as the contact person in your primary application, there is little to be gained from an LoE.