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Aug 6, 2005
hey everone,
i was wondering if its possibel to add Letter of Recs after you submit your application. I'm gonna be doing some shadowing work and woudl ike to get a letter from the dentist i will be shadowing, but i wanna submit my application as soon as possible.


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Jan 7, 2004
And I quote...

You can make revisions to this section at any time during the application process. After March 16, 2007 submit all changes directly to your designated dental schools.

Indicate the first and last name of each of the individuals providing letters of recommendation on your behalf. You can enter as many names as you wish. If your evaluators are associated with a college or university, indicate the name of the institution. Indicate if the letter is a pre-dental committee report or if the letter is from an individual. After submitting your list of evaluators, you will be prompted to print a Letter of Recommendation Matching Form for each evaluator. Ask your evaluator(s) to attach the Letter of Recommendation Matching Form to letters submitted to AADSAS. (The Matching Form is used by AADSAS to accurately match all letters of recommendation to your application.)

NOTE: Do NOT use or send AADSAS a "2006 Letter of Recommendation Matching Form" for the 2007 application cycle. The 2006 Matching Form and accompany documents will be placed in your 2006 applicant's file and will not be processed to the dental schools for the 2007 cycle.

  • About Pre-Dental Committee Reports: If a Pre-Dental Committee Report is being submitted on your behalf, indicate the name and contact information for the individual submitting the report. You do not have to list individual evaluators whose letters are contained in or appended your Pre-Dental Committee Report.

AADSAS applicants can track the status of letters of recommendation from all listed individuals. You do not have to provide information in this section if you are not having letters submitted to AADSAS; however, AADSAS cannot provide status information about letters of recommendation that are not submitted to AADSAS.

You can add or delete names to your Evaluators list at any time, even after you have submitted your AADSAS application. If you add names to this list after submitting your application, log onto your application, select "Evaluators" and follow instructions to add an evaluator. Letters submitted after your application has been sent to schools will be sent in the next mailing. This can be helpful if, for example, an evaluator becomes unavailable and you select a new evaluator. Simply delete the unavailable evaluator and enter new evaluator information.

It is imperative that you keep this list updated and accurate. AADSAS is not able to acknowledge receipt of a letter in the Status section of your application if you did not specify the evaluator. AADSAS will not enter information for you.
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