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Letter of rec from retail supervisor?


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Sep 16, 2012
  1. Pharmacist
    Would it be a good idea to get a rec letter from my retail supervisor? He's known me for over 3 years, can speak to my work ethic and skills (maybe not directly on clinical skills, but I was a great tech/intern and would catch small details and things like that), and would say good things about me. A lot of programs say to or prefer to get letters from preceptors and faculty, and I don't wanna blow my chances either. What are your thoughts? Thanks!


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    May 3, 2004
      I am in a predicament and hopefully someone can guide me through this:/

      Currently I have secured 2 LoRs; one from APPE preceptor and another from a faculty member who is also my research project preceptor. The third letter is what's troubling me. I have worked at a retail chain for a couple years and my pharmacist is great. But some programs require 2 LoRs from preceptors of pharmacy clerkships or preceptors who can attest to my clinical skills. Because the second letter is coming from a preceptor who is technically not my APPE preceptor (but fits the later part), I am tempted to seek out another LoR from APPE preceptor. But based off of the replies above, I am more tempted to ask my supervisor. Super torn and stressed out with imminent deadline. Any advice would be helpful!

      Hope everyone is having a fantastic time at midyear:D

      I have look at LoR for residency before. Not including any of your direct supervisor is for me very suspicious. You want to include at least one from your work/internship place. It is the place you work the longest and this will tell the most your capacities to work with others.
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