Aug 3, 2015
We all know how each school has specific guidelines regarding who they want your letters of rec from, right? Well currently I have 1 bio, 1 chem, and 1 from a pre-health advisor. Tufts requires one from a dentist I shadowed. So my question is: Will I be offered an interview if that 1 letter isn't in, and I will just have to submit it before the interview? Or will they require the letter before they even review my application? Seems crazy that although I have 3 letters already they would still want one more before they even review it but hey. Answers are appreciated.
May 19, 2015
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I would contact them. I was going to apply to ATSU but they require a letter from a volunteer supervisor. I had 4 letters - 2 from science profs, 1 from a dentist, and one from a manager from my old job (used to work full time). I did volunteer with the company a few times (JP Morgan chase - volunteered at race for the cure and stuff like that), but she wasn't the "supervisor" for the event. and they have requested I get a separate letter from the specific supervisor and mail it to them in order to move on. At the same time Buffalo had asked for 3 letters from faculty and I told them about the 4 I had and they said it would be okay.
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Aug 4, 2015
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The Tufts admissions office staff are very helpful. They will be happy to clarify it if you call them!
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