What letters from whom do most schools want?

1 doctor
2 professors (1 science, 1 other)
1 extracurric
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May 24, 2009
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I would try to see if your school has a health professions committee (HPC)....If they do then i would deff get a letter from them versus any academic professor. Also have your professor write a letter to the HPC so that also gets added on to it.

For me i only had 3...1. HPC letter, 1 Optometrist, 1 research professor....that i did research with for over 2 yrs with
May 26, 2011
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Had to bump this thread because i had questions about LOR for optometry school.

Little background:

I graduated last year (undergrad - BS biology ~3.1 gpa, no OAT yet) and didnt get any letter of rec's from professors (fail :( ). i will only have 2 letters from different ODs that know me pretty well since i worked at their offices for about a year. Planning to get a third from either a clergy or a strong one from a pharmacist (employer) at a private pharmacy i previously volunteered at. I noticed that many schools require at least 1 science/math prof. I'm planning to apply this upcoming cycle for 2012 fall.

Couple questions:

1. Should i even get a 3rd from one of the 2 options that i mentioned? would a letter of rec from a pharmacist be perceived as lack of dedication for optometry? even though it states clearly from an employer point of view rather than a prospective pharmacist

2. Should i even apply to schools that specifically require a math/science prof recommendation? would i be turned down instantly because I'm missing one from a math/science prof or if i don't have enough LORs?

3. how important are letter of rec's for admission? anyone got any opinions or heard anything from optometry schools?

Thanks everyone! :)
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