Aug 28, 2012
Would it be ok to get a letter of rec from a professor that is already doing a few letter a recs for the same program? Because he told me that he will be doing other letter of recs for the same program. My undergrad school has a dpt program. But I feel that he knows me more than any other person i can ask and can assess my abilities well enough. Should I look elsewhere if there are 7 other people asking him for a letter of rec?
May 13, 2013
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
I'm not an expert but I wouldn't let that hold you back if you feel confident he will write you a favorable letter. I don't think admissions committees look at how many letters he writes as much as the content of each letter. However if you know he will be writing many letters it would probably be wise to give him a month or two to get the letter turned in and make sure you send him a thank you note/email.