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Letter of Recommendation Length


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May 24, 2017
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I'm trying to gauge whether or not to ask an attending about writing a letter of recommendation for residency application for Internal Medicine. I didn't work with her much but she gave me very good eval comments from the brief couple of days that I did get to work with her. I'm just wondering how long are typical LOR that you guys see? If it's usually 1/2 page, I'm thinking I worked with her enough for her to write a good letter. If it's usually 1 page single spaced, I'm not sure that the time that I worked with her would give her enough content to write a strong letter for me. (page length of course assuming they are of equivalent quality). Thanks everyone for your help!

Edit: I did work closely with the other staff members of the team though (most were not physicians but invaluable to the group nonetheless), so she could ask others team members for opinion/comments.
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