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May 23, 2010
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Hello guys, I have a question regarding committee letter/letter packet. My school has three different methods of submitting Letter of recommendations to med schools. The first is the committee letter option, the second is the letter packet option. The letter packet basically consists of the Letters of Recommendation in your file with a brief cover letter from the premed committee that is submitted through the committee itself. The third option is submitting individual letters of recommendation to the med schools individually without the committee. I did not qualify for the committee letter according to my advisor, but she told me that i qualify for the letter packet. My question is does the letter packet bypass the individual med school LOR requirements? For example, the committee letter allows you to bypass the individual LOR requirements for each med school, can the letter packet do that as well since it is sent through the premed committee? Thanks in advance guys.


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Jan 18, 2013
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I would say yes, it sounds like it is essentially the same thing as submitting your letters individually except they are going to include a cover letter. Just make sure the letters in the letter packet fulfill the requirements of the med school.

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