Aug 26, 2020
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I know there is a giant mega thread where letters fo red are discussed in detail but I had a particular question and it’s too late to post on that thread. So I’m a freshman and had a great relationship with my calculus teacher last semester. I want to ask for a letter of rec while their memory of me is at its peak, but i don’t have many of the things people recommend I provide the writer with yet, such as a personal statement or resume. what do you guys recommend i do? also, i’m at community college and currently do not think this professor has a PhD based off my knowledge, is that ok?


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Dec 19, 2017
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While it may be too early to ask this prof for a letter, if this prof likes you then I'd recommend you keep up a relationship with this prof after your classes with them end. The more you foster this relationship and the more they get to know you over time, the stronger your LoR will be.


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Apr 5, 2018
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I would get the letter and store it in Interfolio. If your relationship does not progress, you will have it. If your relationship does progress, you can ask her to update the letter.
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Nov 11, 2020
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I got a LOR from a professor I had freshman year. I had a really good relationship with them freshman year and they had already written me multiple LORs for internships that I had previously applied to. I saw them pretty frequently on my campus and kept in touch with them throughout the rest of undergrad. I ended up asking them for a LOR for med school during the winter of my senior year, and they were really happy to write one!
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