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Sep 12, 2002
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Hi I have been out of school since June of 2001 and I only have academic letters of recommendation that are dated from June of 2001 to September of 2001. When I submitted my app to Baylor I noticed that they require all letters be written within a year. I do have letters from my employer but I also notice they require two academic letters. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would hate to have to return my letters to my profs a year later and ask them to update it, but it looks like that is what I have to do. Is anyone using recommendations over a year? Thanks

By the way (This is totally off subject) I am also from UCLA with a 32 (8, 11, 13) Q and 3.65 overall and 3.6 science. However I am concerned because I only have two interviews. I completed most of my apps in late Aug, early you think I am just being paranoid about my numbers or does it take longer for interview invites? Thanks again.


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May 11, 2002
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First thing I'd do, call Baylor and tell them your situation. They probably have the time limit on there so people don't use letters from several years/decades ago. I'm thinkin a couple of months isn't that big of a deal.

If they say, we're very strict on this, can you go to the profs/ e-mail the profs who wrote the first letters and ask them to reprint the letters but with a different date?



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Jan 28, 2002
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i say f-em.
i'm in the same situation and I'm using my slightly stale recs.
I dont think when they set up these requirements they were really taking in to consideration people who have been out of academia for a while.
dont sweat it - I bet they either a) dont notice b) notice and dont care c) notice and realize you've been working for a while.
good luck!
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