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Jun 14, 2016
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So a lot of this is my fault for not being observant enough, but the rules for letter entries in AMCAS are kind of ridiculous. Anyway here is my problem. I have a letter entry that says "Dr. ____ State only" So I basically entered the name of my state, for example "Dr. John Paul, Virginia Only." The thing is, I want to send this letter to all my medical schools that I'm applying to now. However, I don't want adcoms to think that I am careless and that I accidentally sent them this letter, because the title suggests that I only intended it for the schools in my state. Even worse, if the school is one that has a tendency to only accept applicants that want to stay and practice in the community after they become a physician that is not good for me.

I do not know what my letter says but the letter writer did tell me he wrote it in a way that made it seem as if he hoped I would come back to my state of residence to practice but did not flat out say "he's definitely coming back here." That's why I wanted to send it to more schools outside of my state. Idk if the title of the letter will make the adcoms think that I know the contents of my letter. & no I can't create a new letter entry.. I didn't see that you can only create a maximum of 10 and you can't delete or edit any of them .-.

Honestly the process confused me at first so long story short, 3 of the entries were completely useless and I had to mark them as not being sent since I couldn't delete them. I entered in the other 6 properly and now I only have one letter entry left which I am saving for a non-science professor because apparently some schools require a non-science LOR (ugh..). So it's not possible to just create another entry with only the letter writers name unfortunately because I'm saving that last spot for my Spanish professor. Suggestions on what to do? Should I only send this letter to my state schools? I could call and explain the situation to other medical schools.. but I'm just paranoid and feel like it would backfire. What would you do if you were me?

Edit: Is there some other way I can send the letter to the schools? Not through AMCAS, but just as fast? There must be a way.
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