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Discussion in 'Dental' started by Shiko, Dec 22, 2001.

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    Hi there,
    What does it take for a foreign dentist to obtain a license to practice dentistry in Canada ?
    Can you guys help me with the examination process and the universities that accept foreign grads ?
    What about the loans ?
    I heard that it is very expensive overthere especially for foreigners ?
  2. For a foreign dentist to get a Canadian license you must complete the 3rd and 4th years of dental school at a Canadian university. It's called the International dental degree completion program and I believe you have to write a competency exam before applying...I'm not 100% sure on this process but you can visit my school's webpage on more info for the IDDCP and it also has info concerning the stats on this years incoming class. Tuition/instruments/fees is about $80000-90000 for 2 years of this program and I don't know too much about loans for foreigners, but you can get lines of credit that will cover your cost of education without much difficulty. Check out the other Canadian schools as particular U of Alberta, U of Manitoba, U of western Ontario, U of Toronto, McGill U, and U of Saskatchewan...I believe they all have International completion programs...good luck.

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  3. oops...i just noticed on ubc's website that tuition/fees will cost about $51000 Cdn/year without the cost of living...factor in another $12000-15000Cdn /year for living expenses.

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