Sep 5, 2015
I am an RN, GPA is not very good but I am working on finishing a BS and will be bring up my GPA over 2 years. I do not have much extra time at all as I work full time/school full time. I see all these threads with people who have extensive research experience, shadowing physicians, etc. Does having four years of nursing experience help me in my cause?
What should a plan of action be in regard to ECs?
sGPA should be at a 3.4 if I keep doing well, which I will.
I want to get into USUHS. Prior military already. Not sure if it is an easier school to get into or not. Some surgeon friends seem to feel it is ( they attended there).
Any input is appreciated. Thanks


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Aug 6, 2014
didn't you just post this?
do the pre-reqs, take the mcat, and use your RN to get as much access as you can


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May 5, 2015
Second the above but a 3.4 with military status can be very competitive at a number of schools. Your intentions/reasons for moving to med school from nursing school, how well you express them, pre-req grades and your MCAT will all be very important. Basically, much of what will decide your fate is still TBD but you are hardly in a bad position right now.
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