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Nov 18, 2020
I am looking for any recommendation for books that talks about the psychology of Japanese. Japanese in Japan or Japanese who immigrated to U.S.

Books that perhaps explore the concept of shame and amae. I’ve already read “the anatomy of dependence” and was amazing and want to know if you have any recommendation.

Thank you so much!
Nov 1, 2020
Status (Visible)
  1. Psychology Student
Highly recommend "courage to be disliked" by Ichiro Kishimi, exploring the theories of Adler through a narrative between a student and disciple. It's not necessarily a "Self help" book, and it is written by Japanese authors, so I feel like they would have tailored it and discussed themes pertinent to the Japanese population.

"Over the course of five conversations, the philosopher helps his student to understand how each of us is able to determine the direction of our own life, free from the shackles of past traumas and the expectations of others."
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