live at home = study worse ?

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Apr 2, 2003
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Here's the situation: It seems like I'll be attending NJMS in the Fall. I live about 45 minute away from the school. So I could live at home, and commute every day or get an apartment over there. My parents would pay for the apartment, and all that, so the cost isn't really a factor.

My question is, where do you think I would study best? I think living away from home would allow me to focus more, and stick to a better schedule. However, the area around the school is pretty bad, so I would probably end up living somewhere where I'd have to drive to school everyday anyway. Anyone else had the opportunity to experience studying at home, and studying away from home?


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More importantly, I think that you would find a 45 minute commute after a while.
This sort of question was already brought up in another forum. How do you study at home? During breaks from college, for example. Were you able to study, or did you get distracted?

I recommend living away from home, since you are an adult. Since your folks are near school, you can always go home on occasional weekends for things like laundry, a decent meal, etc.
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Youre an adult, get an apartment, especially with that offer. Dont you want to bring your dates back home:D How can this not be a consideration? Youve got to try and enjoy yourself when in med school as much as possible, and this is hard to do at your parents house, if you get my drift.;) And you have a 45 min commute? This should be an easy decision.
In deed this should be an easy decision. Living at home, with your parents, while in med school is not even an option; and I offer no explanations. It's just NOT an option!