live at home with 'rents during med school?

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Jul 11, 2002
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if you had the opportunity to live at home with your parents and save, oh, $15k/year during med school would you do it?

any voices of experience out there?

any other "if I had to do it all over again..." stories much appreciated also :)

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I'm an MS1 and currently living at home. The fact that its free is a big plus, but there are also some big disadvantages. I have to commute 30-40 minutes everyday, which gets annoying. I know there are people in my class that commute much more than this, but personally I don't like spending that much time in my car. Also, living at home after college is a little weird. I can't exactly explain why, but I know other people who have done it agree with me. I also feel separated from most of my classmates who live close to the school. I plan on getting an apartment next year. The cost of living is really cheap here, and for me, the disadvantages outweigh the money saved by living at home.
Free food.

Free laundry.

Free phone.

No rent.

Where do I sign up?

The only disadvantages I could see is your schedule may piss of your parents if you come strolling in at all hours and wake people up. And what about the social life? Do girls dig guys who live with mom and dad?

And, like the other person said, the drive could be rough depending on how far away you are.

Good luck.
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I live 2 hrs from my parents so it isn't an option for me, but man it would be nice. It's great to have your freedom and live on your own, but I've had that for 4 years now. Sometimes, I just want a nice home cooked meal that my mom made and have my mom straighten up after me. I'm too tired to do it myself most of the time. I miss my mommy :(.
Originally posted by JPHazelton
Free food.

Free laundry.

Free phone.

No rent.
the drive is worth it.
As far as "do girls dig guys who live at home" - I'd think the "I'm a med student" would trump any perceived negative impressions.
Originally posted by Airborne
- I'd think the "I'm a med student" would trump any perceived negative impressions.

Hasn't worked for me. :(

That's OK. My only true love is Anatomy anyway! :)

A (female) friend of mine did it for 3 of 4 years. It worked for her. I think that it really depends on your parents. Some parents are more controlling than others. Mine are pretty laid back and if I wasn't married, I would consider living with them.
I moved back home this year after three years of renting with friends, mainly because the cost of renting was just getting *too* much. I found it a lot 'cosier' at home (probably just because it's warmer as we can afford to put the heating on), and its nice to have someone to fuss over you when you get in and feel really tired. Its pretty cool having supportive and helpful parents around. Another plus, admittedly quite minor, is having all your stuff in one place. Commuting takes about 50 minutes by train, and I almost always use that time to read some notes and prepare for the day which I probably wouldn't do otherwise.

The downsides that I have experienced are feeling a little left out, just because I'm not always around like I was before and so do miss out on little things.....although I try to go out with my friends at least once a week so this isn't that much of a problem. Also, it does depend on what your parents are like and whether you think you can live together for the year without driving each other mad. My parents are pretty laid back, but can ask a lot of questions about what time I am going in and getting back, how the trains are running, how was my day, did I do anything interesting etc, and I know they're just taking an interest but I do find myself getting irritated and then feeling really bad about it afterwards.

I hope this is of some help to you. Bear in mind that I've moved back home having lived on campus for a few years. I'm not sure whether I would have liked to have lived at home from the outset.......I think its worth living on campus at least for the first year (although here in the UK we go straight to med school after high school so the first year is our first experience of college). Also, I live in a big city where public transport runs pretty efficiently and 24/7 so travelling is not a problem, even late at night. Renting here is really really expensive, so the option of living at home is much more appealing overall.
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Originally posted by Airborne
As far as "do girls dig guys who live at home" - I'd think the "I'm a med student" would trump any perceived negative impressions.

Speaking as a girl, I gotta say, not even close.
Originally posted by Airborne
As far as "do girls dig guys who live at home" - I'd think the "I'm a med student" would trump any perceived negative impressions.

Heh.. I have this sort of problem all the time... women seem to fall completely in love with me when they hear I am going to be up to my buttocks in debt and won't actually earn the "big bucks" until 8 or 9 years from now.

Yes, "he's quite the catch, etc."
Hey all!

Thought I'd add my two cents. I've lived for two months now about fifteen minutes away from my school, paid $500 in rent, and now am moving back home with mama et papa this weekend, and I couldn't be happier! Not only am I going to save probably $600 a month, but I get the chance to cultivate a better relationship with my parents. We get along well, although my Dad can cause some angst occasionally, but I"ll deal. It's a little farther to drive (35 minutes), but I think the pros far outweigh the cons. Besides, it will force me to stay at school and study :D . As far as the whole "do girls dig guys who live at home with the 'rents" issue, hey, if she has a problem with it-let her pay the $600 a month!

If I didn't have a live-in partner, I'd move in with my parents and deal with the hour commute. My bf and I actually did live with them for a while as undergrads, but it would be too cosy now, considering they have a 2 bedroom house right now, and 2 of my brothers are still at home.

As for picking up girls, I imagine that you would have to be clear that you can't take her home (or that you can, but she'll meet the folks in the morning) but it shouldn't be an issue meeting people and going out otherwise. Just so long as she knows that you have lived on your own, and are enough of an adult that you aren't looking for a girl just to take over for mommy.

I live in Sweden and lived with my parents during the first four years of a five-and-a-half-year-long medical school. Now finally I've moved out and am dancing on clouds! The best thing about it is probably the fact that I can bring friends over late at night without bugging or waking anybody - that alone is worth the rent of 130 USD I pay for this place. Also, my parents are somewhat "nicer" to me when I visit -- they call and ask me to come over for dinner etc. So if you have a chance and feel you can afford it - MOVE OUT!
Being an old fart,

I'd never live with my parents again; the extra expenditure is worth it, to me. I enjoy my freedom too much plus I'm usually up late doing things. Besides that, I'm married and could imagine having 2 mothers in one household. :D