Live rent free or stay where the HCE opportunities are?


Jul 27, 2009
I’m 24 and a recent MS grad. I want to be a PA, and thought that I might get better advice from people who have experience managing finances in this forum.

A relative has offered me a free place to stay near one of the universities that I may take my pre-reqs at this school yr. I can live rent free and just do household chores/ run errands. The problem I’m having a hard time finding HCE opportunities in the area. I just received my EMT-Basic certification; however, the county doesn’t have any volunteer EMS agencies. I’ve called nearby cities but they will not let me volunteer since I would be living out of their district.

If I stay at my current university to take pre-reqs, I’ll have to continue to pay for rent and expenses. However, there are plenty of EMS volunteer opportunities available and medical professionals to shadow. I also know the Fire/Rescue chief in town and he said I had a good shot of making it on to their squad next hiring session.
Right now I’m looking for a job (budget cuts terminated my last job in May) I have about 20k in savings but I don’t want to blow it all if possible.

I’m a few years away from applying to PA school. Would you live rent free or live where there are more health care opportunities?
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