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Oct 27, 2001
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Hello cpw
Do you recommend any good, safe 2 bedroom apartment close to U of H. I want to be as close as possible but not living in the university. I have a wife and a little girl and safety is my number one concern.

Thank you


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Apr 25, 2001
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Hey Antonio..

There are areas that most of my class lives in. They'll send you more information about apartments and apartment locators when you get your info packets about orientation,etc.

One of my friends lives in a great complex (brand new) off Buffalo Speedway just south of 610. It's called Park Place and it's very nice. Big windows, high ceilings. She has a 2/2 I think she pays about 825 for it. It's a ten minute commute to school.

There's also an area near the Astrodome (now Reliant Arena) called Condoland where there are tons of apartments off a street called Holly Hall. Many condos, townhomes,and apartments and almost half of my friends in OD and MD school live there. (it's really close to the med center and also a ten minute commute to school)

There's really nothing "safe" really close to school. UHCO is not in the best part of town. So, as far as safety the best thing would be to live in either of those two areas, in the west university area (close to Rice Univeristy) which is very very nice and a little pricey.

Your best bet will be the med center area and the area down near the "dome".
Hope this helps. I don't live down there yet so I'm not the authority on all the complexes.. i just know where the majority of my friends live.
Hope this helps! I'd call an apartment locator if I were you. They'd know how to work with you and your family .. and give you a great, safe place to live.
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