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    I've never lived with roommates...
    I really want the experience of living with other people and thought it would be a great way of meeting others...developing a family away from home, and decreasing the cost of living....

    After talking to a few more people and reading some threads, and having a bad experience choosing a roommate [I had enough sense to get out while I still could -- trust the intuition -- gut goes!], I am having no luck finding roommates AND I'm getting freaked b/c not only will the lease start in a month, but I'm also having nightmares about a "private hell" if you will. I mean...your private space is supposed to be the place you flock to when you need/want to escape a potential "public hell", right?!

    Ok...any thoughts?
    And...what of the difference btwn male and female roommates?

    I posted ads for male roommates b/c I didn't want to deal with sensitivity/over-analysis/and other issues such as borrowed items, etc. that accompanies living with females. Was I wrong to make these overarching assumptions? I know there is huge individual variance...but don't the generalizations account for something.

    My most recent nightmares have involved the toilet seat being left up all the time! And a pig sty made of my private space.

    Am I over-preoccupied?

    Needing some consolation,
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    i lived with 4 girls and 1 other guy this year (i'm a guy) in a suite. we had an open area but had to share the bathroom/shower/sink (all in one room). we put up curtains everywhere in there and actually could have triple occupancy. there were a couple girls that were not that comfortable with the setup to begin with, but it quickly became a non-issue and we never had a problem with it. it was a pretty cool living situation for the most part - didn't have any problems with eachother (Thuogh we all didn't know eachother that well to begin with), and became pretty good friends. i think the situation is as awkward as you make it (as with many situations), and just having an open-mind to begin with makes it easier. just don't get involved with your roomie - then it can be no good (or perhaps it can <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" /> ). definately doable though. goodluck

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