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  • Jun 13, 2020
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      I’d be really grateful to hear from anyone with insight on what attending LMU is like!

      I’m applying to AVC as my first choice, SGU as my safety school, and probably Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, CSU, Cornell, Tufts, and Purdue. I’m considering applying to LMU but I’m hesitant since it doesn’t have a teaching hospital and there’s little information on it since it’s relatively new. If I wouldn’t prefer going there to going to SGU then I’d rather not spend the money to apply.

      I’ve found enough on SGU to feel confident that despite not having a teaching hospital they give students plenty of opportunities for hands-on experience. Does LMU compensate for the lack of teaching hospital as well?

      Student life at SGU seems really interesting and other than the mosquitos, heat, and travel costs I think I’d enjoy it. I haven’t heard anything about what living in Harrogate is like, though. Are people friendly? Is it hard to find housing close to school? Are there good fitness facilities and student support?

      I’d really appreciate any information on what the school and life as a student there is like, pro or con. Thank you!
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      Oct 21, 2018
        I’m a Rossie but have a good friend at SGU, and just wanted to comment on the teaching hospital aspect. So SGU doesn’t have a teaching hospital (although they probably have a teaching clinic like us I’d imagine), but for your 4th year you go to clinics at a school with a teaching hospital. So you are still actually having the teaching hospital experience (same with us at Ross).

        LMU works off of the distributive model so you wouldn’t have the teaching hospital experience. There’s all kinds of debates about the teaching hospital vs distributive model that you can find in the forums.
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