Locations of strong "clinical" IR programs for med student elective?

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Jul 6, 2009
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I have read quite a bit about programs that are moving towards a more clinical atmosphere. I am very interested in this aspect and especially in regards to interventional oncology. However, my only exposure to IR has been at a program that seemed to be heavy towards vascular access (I came to shadow for a day and the entire day and the board for the next day was all line exchanges...I didn't go back).

Could anyone make any recommendations for programs that would be good for a medical student elective in IR where there is a solid clinical focus? I was hoping to find a program that has clinic and a service that admits/sees their own patients.
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Mar 20, 2011
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Beaumont is very, very good.

Henry Ford has a lot of volume, not sure how clinical they are.

Don't know much about U of M, but heard they are pretty clinical.

Northwestern and MCW are both great but kind of far away from you.

If you ever go to Columbus, OH, Riverside Interventional is a PP, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind for you to stop by, they are really a great example of how an IR service should be run.