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Looking at teeth

Discussion in 'Dental' started by monster2, Aug 6, 2001.

  1. monster2

    monster2 Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 11, 2001
    It's hard to grasp how dentistry have all these requirements when reality is, all a dentist ever does is look for cavities, fill them or extract teeth. There is very little science involved. Even laughable is the purpose of the DAT. I understand the MCATs screen premeds and give some preparation on the analytical side of diagnosis and treatment. But DATs test you for what?

    Heck, to tell you the truth, dentistry should just be a regular 4 year program or less post high school. It's amazing to see why dentists call themselves doctors, when they are just pseudodoctors. Comt to think of it, nursing should have more right to the doctor label than a dentist.

    Now that I'm in medical school (sorry to shatter some of you who thought I couldn't make it... it looks like the laugh's on you, har har har), the thoughts I've been given to you earlier are now confirmed. Most of the MS1s had dentistry as their backup, especially those with less than stellar stats. This is in reference to some of you (those who have responded to my post last month or so) stating otherwise. I really would like to hear where people get this strong desire for dentistry over medicine (as some of you have said before) when dentistry does not offer the challenge and scope medicine has.
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  3. Smalls

    Smalls Junior Member

    Jul 21, 2001
    Oklahoma City
    Maybe the appeal to be a dentist is due to sometype of oral fixation. Maybe the thought of correcting a problem in someones mouth attracts something in that persons personality. Your are right though, med school couldnt hackits often do fall into dentistry, unfortunatly those poor lost souls are probably seeking money and not the career. But monster I hope that you become a very successful doctor of (_o_). And when it comes time for you to go to the dentist for a cavity, you chipped your tooth on your own ego I hope your dentist is a med school couldn't hackit who may not give a flying flip about your crooked ass teeth.

    Hard work will prevail. But thank God daily for giving you the knowledge and ability to be capable of such things. If it were not for God there would be no med students, or dent students, only people with a perfect mouth and perfect health.
  4. suctionplease

    suctionplease Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 2, 2001
    Philadelphia, Pa
    I am a dentist. I have wanted to be a dentist since I was 16 years old. Why? Someone that I admired was a dentist and became my mentor.

    I think your attitude sucks big time. But I realize that many physicians feel that their profession is better than dentistry. Everyone needs to feel that they are better than someone else.

    Your comments about dentistry proves that you dont know much at all about the profession.

    I just started reading at this site. I didnt come to this site however to have my profession belittled by a medical STUDENT. This site seems childish and petty. That is so sad.
  5. RacerDude2249

    RacerDude2249 Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 19, 2001
    New York
    This guy (Monster2) already has proven to everyone ALL LAST MONTH that he is a complete idiot. Rather than respond to his/her post, just let this thread die out. What the baby wants is to start World War III on this dental forum, so rather than let the baby have his toy, let's put the crying baby to sleep, shall we? Just let this post die out and the baby will go away. Thanks people!

    As for the moderator, I HOPE you do something about this. This post is definitely NOT within the scope of the policy and guidelines set forth in the SDN User Agreement. Dr. Scherf, if you have been reading the posts in the "Lounge" section, that section just went through World War III and it was finally determined by Kimberli Cox, an excellent moderator, that posts similar to this one are not consistent with the guidelines set forth by SDN. Those posts that were not consistent with the SDN Agreement were immediately closed as this one should be. Dr. Scherf, you have shown to be an "easy" moderator in the past. I think it is time for you to kick some @ss and do something about these out-of-control posts. At the very least, this thread should be moved to the "Lounge" section, but I guarantee you if that happens, Kimberlie Cox will close it--the appropriate action that should be taken.


    P.S. Smalls, I think only a SMALL percentage of "med school couldnt hackits" fall into dentistry, not the vast majority.
  6. Ford67

    Ford67 Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 12, 2001
    New York
    Just a suggestion, dont even reply to his posts. I noticed that almost all of the fights take place in the pre-med or med school forums. Lets keep it that way. It seems like most pre-meds have the maturity level of a first grader or atleast the ones on SDN. I bet most are acne faced high school students. Obviously Monster is trying to make up for something that makes him insecure, probably his 2 inch needle dick. :mad: I was reading an old posting of his and it seemed that he was going into med school so he can actually get laid by a girl or maybe a guy, sad but true. As for his discontent for Dentistry, its quite obvious that he himself went into Medicine for the money. I think now he realizes that dentistry would have been the better choose for his greedy goal. So now he is try to trick himself into believing that Dentistry wouldnt have been a better career choice. Its funny how alot of physicians do this :) i guess they are just scared of the truth. Hey I would if i knew my life was totally worthless.

    PS: At the risk of sounding belligerent you can take your 65 hour a week and 200K pay check and shove it up your tight stuck up ass. I am sorry if i hurt your feeling but someone has to tell it like it is.. I hoped this helped. :D TD

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