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Looking for advice during my progress; 3.48 GPA, 3.68 sGPA, >30 MCAT

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances? WAMC Medical' started by nixm01, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. nixm01

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    Jan 16, 2011
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    Medical Student
    Hey guys, I am on the right track with my schooling and confident, but I was just hoping for some outside point of views on my progress and plans for finishing up to see if I am missing anything. Constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated...

    Quick over-view:
    Within my first two years as an undergraduate – about 5 years ago--, I worked full time and didn't know what I wanted to do/be. I didn't try at all and received 3 F's, 1 D and 2 W's. (DON’T LET THIS STOP YOU FROM FINISHING!!)

    1 year ago, I became a hardcore pre-med student. Since then, I have quit working to become a full-time student, retaken all F's and made A's, as well as made no less than A's in EVERY class I have taken since then; this has risen my GPA from 2.4 to a 3.0 in that one year (not only have I made all A's in my classes, but I have had the highest grade in every class that I have taken).

    Because I started last year with about 60 hours under my belt at a 2.4, I am now having to double major to bring my GPA up to be in medical school range.

    I am double majoring in Biology with a cellular and molecular concentration and in Chemistry with a Biochemistry concentration. By double majoring and continuing making all A's from here on out (which I know I am very capable of doing), the highest my GPA will be able to get is:
    AMCAS GPA: 3.48 - 3.49 (depending how close my calculations are)
    BCPM (sGPA) GPA: 3.68

    I am confident about the MCAT (which I am starting to study for in May) and am shooting for no less than a 30.

    I worked in healthcare administration for 5 years prior to starting school back, with specific experience in clinical settings. I was the medical supplies/equipment supervisor for 100 clinics (with other misc. experience in billing, patient care, compliance, etc). Working in healthcare led me to make great connections with the physicians at the local (state) medical school, including the director of the gen. surgery residency program. These same connections have gotten me a meeting with our asst. dean of admissions and will provide me with great LOR's.
    I am currently tutoring for free at my school in the areas of general chemistry, general physics and trigonometry. I am lined up to start "anti-cancer" research with one of our professors here next semester and hope to present at our research symposium before my undergrad time is done.
    I have played guitar in many church bands, come out with a CD and have participated in a TON of missionary/volunteer work around the country. I also taught kickboxing and martial arts for several years.
    I am married, have a stepson and own a home.

    I know that a 3.48 (or 3.49) is a tad below the low-end of medical school admissions, but I feel that they will see that fact that I will have a 4.0 GPA from the time I decided I wanted to go to medical school (which includes all tough courses such as physics, organic, biochem, etc.), took on two undergraduate degrees and I am hoping an MCAT score of 30 (or more) will off-set that GPA by just enough.

    My immediate concerns/questions are:
    • Because of the above issues, are there any other areas I should be exploring and doing to make my application more presentable? I believe outside POV’s are vital in this situation to see if there is something I am missing and/or could do differently.
    • Since I am double majoring now to bring my GPA up as much as possible, my graduation in both will not be for another 2 years. With this in mind, I will be done with my MCAT soon and if I were to get my score of 30 or higher, would you advise starting to apply once my GPA has reached a certain point (3.25, 3.3, etc)? And then continue to apply each possible year until I graduate to try my luck or just not waste my time and wait to apply until I am graduated?

    Peace and thank you! :thumbup:

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