Looking for BEST MCAT test prep/study guide


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Apr 12, 2010
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    The all in one books are not as good as the specialized books. Don't waste time on a big book that could be spent on better practice materials. Also, as already mentioned, the SN2ed plan is outstanding. I had access to pretty much everything and I worked through all of the materials to find the best for me. In the end, it was exactly what SN2ed recommends. The only caveat I'd suggest is that you do the BR materials before EK materials, because I'd get really frustrated at the short answers in EK. After BR you'll really understand the concepts and know how to answer questions, so you won't mind not having explanations for EK questions because you won't need them.


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    Nov 21, 2012
      SN2 has a great discussion of prep material. I firmly believe that TBR Gen Chem and Physics can't be beat. TBR Bio is great for passages, but absolutely useless for content review. MCAT Bio is becoming more and more about critical thinking and less about content, so EK is more than enough in my opinion. TPHR Verbal is probably better than EK, but it doesn't hurt to have both.
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