LOOKING FOR Board Patients in Southern Cali!

Discussion in 'Dental' started by DrNo72, Jan 4, 2001.

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    as we all know, we must deal w/ taking stupid patients to the stupid board to take the stupid class 2, 3, crown/maybe not, scaling, endo on dentoform tooth, 3 unit bridge on dentoform, to take the licensing exam. (only licensing exam where we must take in a live pt) don't trust the dental schools? after having been there for 4 yrs?
    and depending on the region, separate state requiring separate exams(even though they are basically same) can you say BULL****? OR PROTECTIONISM BY DENTISTS?

    i am willing to pay referral fees (take you out to dinner if you are a cutie(female)) for any dental school patients that have ideal class 2, 3, crown, scaling cases in southern cali. that's UCLA, or USC. any takers?
    i'd appreicate a reply if you are a junior or senior dental student at those places!

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