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Looking for Canadian application writing help


New Member
2+ Year Member
Apr 8, 2017
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi all,

I'm a Canadian student residing in Ontario reapplying to Ontario and OOP medical schools. I am currently completing my Master of Public Health degree and have a competitive GPA and MCAT. I also have pretty diverse ECs but unfortunately received no interviews in the past few cycles. The feedback I've received tells me that my application writing particularly "marketing myself" is likely the reason why I haven't received interview invites. Thus, I would like help planning and reviewing my written documents (autobiographical sketch, supplementary essays, CV, etc.) for this cycle. If there are any Canadian medical students or residents looking to provide application writing help (paid of course) or even review previously submitted applications please message me. It would be extremely helpful to work with someone who's been through the process! Thank you!
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