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Jun 7, 2006
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Dear friends,

My association is going to organize an Action 1 and we are
looking for partner students from another dental school.

In this project we want to compare the dentistry education of 2 the countries,
the noting systems, the role of dentitsts in our societies, working with children with fear and most
importantly our *communities oral-health* We are going to do work-shops about
these subjects to create new projects with the help of Community Volunteers Foundation. And the foundation
is going to explain us one of their project about oral-health in society. The work-shops will be based
on the conferences given here.

There are going to be 15 participants from each country +1 group leader
Working Language: English
Fees and Accomodation: There is no participation fee. All accommodation and food will be covered. %70
of travel costs will be reimbursed.

We planned the project to be 1 week project in Turkey and in our partner country the exact
dates will be up to us to decide.

Please contact me If any of you are interested or if you have questions.
I am also sending our weekly program.

Thank you

Poyzan Erceiş
Ankara University Dentistry Faculty Scientific Research Society
[email protected]
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