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Apr 30, 2020
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you're gonna have to be more specific on the following

1. undergrad GPA breakdown
2. SMP gpa
My stats
This is after smp
Mcat: 517
2 semesters of work as a research assistant for a business professor
2 years of work as a medical assistant

I would like to know if I should apply to medical schools both MD and DO or if I should work on my app some more. Also, if I apply which schools are good options for me to apply too. Also, the reason for my gpa being so low is due to multiple tragedies occuring and before I could recover from one another tragedy took place.

SMP GPA should also not be merged with your undergrad cGPA or sGPA. If your SMP was a separate (masters/certificate) program, it should be a separate GPA. If you did a DIY postbacc with undergrad courses, then they contribute to your undergrad GPAs, but it is not counted as a SMP.
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