Looking for last year veterinarian students, residents or those in internships.

Mar 30, 2010
Love animals and can’t wait to get out there and help those with pet concerns? Become a staff member at Vetinfo.com, one of the largest, trusted veterinary sites on the internet. Make some extra cash while you finish up your vet program and get exposure to real world pet health concerns in our new question and answer platform.

We recently opened up the feature for all users to ask questions on the site - we’ve had an overwhelming response and need your help! You’ll be able to apply the information you’re learning and provide answers to users’ pet health questions. The best thing about it is, you’ll be able to do this when and where it’s most convenient for you! Answer questions at home, in a coffee shop, or on campus while you’re taking a study break or just need a change of pace. You’ll be paid per answer.

Once you’ve gotten your credentials, you’ll have the option of creating your own official Veterinarian profile (contact info included) and transfer your answers over to your official profile. Potential clients will be able to see your history of answers- a good way to get potential leads to build your future practice!!

Please contact me directly if you're interested and provide a resume.

Charisse Formanes
Content Manager - Vetinfo
[email protected]