Looking for: OMFR info (ideally) from practicing radiologists

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Jul 29, 2016
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I've scoured the internet and these forums for info about this specialty. I was hoping to post here to learn about the basics of OMFR. For information' s sake, I'd like to know any of the following:

1. Does it matter where you do your residency? (I've heard for this specialty, school counts..?)
2. Where do/will you work? (I already know academia is huge, would love to hear about the rare private practice)
3. What makes this field in (any) demand for the dental field?
***4. For those who have gotten accepted, what were your STATS! I haven't found this info anywhere.. I'd really appreciate some concrete numbers!!

Finally, some relaxed information:

5. Depending on where you practice, what's your vacation time like? (I'd assume this is way different for private practice, but I'd also like to know for those in hospitals or academia)
6. I've seen 2-4 numbers ever even mentioned, but I'd love to know general salaries from any practitioners (this doesn't appear to be common knowledge, while I'd like this to be posted publically I can certainly do PM's)

A little about me for posting: I'm a D1, and I love the idea of general dentistry! That being said, I fancy specialty and am finding this to SEEM the most interesting! My grades are high and I am typically more of a bookworm, so I'm expecting my stats to stay the same... but I am very drawn in with radiology (in general), potentially working in academia, a hospital, or (rarely) private practice, and the idea of saving my lower back/neck/hands is also enticing.

No hidden motives here, just thirsting for information!

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