Looking for PGY-2 Psych Spot

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Jan 26, 2008
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I am completing a pediatric residency in June, but have decided psychiatry is my true calling. I was elected to AOA in medical school, am training at a top-5 pediatrics program, and have letter-writers and a personal statement ready to be sent to programs that have PGY-2 slots for this coming year. I prefer a program that is strong in both psychotherapy and psychopharm.

Please reply if you know of (or have) any available slots in programs you believe in. Thanks, and have a great day!

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There is a new program called the peds portal project with a handful of programs around the country provided graduates of pediatrics residency programs the opportunity to do 3 years in psychiatry and receive full psychiatry accreditation. A few of the places where I think they are doing this is Indianapolis, Cleveland,and Penn in philly.

Penn's program director is both a pediatrician and a child psychiatrist and he would be sympathetic to your interests because he went the same route. Also, they have a spot for PGY2 every year and they probably are interviewing for it now.

Hope that helps.