Looking for some feedback on taking DAT afterbeing out of school for 3 yrs??


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Jul 13, 2009
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Hi All,

I've been hooked on this site for the past 2 wks after I started thinking about taking a shot at Dental School. To give you a little backround I come from a family full of Dentists. My Dad is celebrating 30yrs in business this yr, both of my older sisters are practicing dentists and my brother in law is an orthodontist. They all went to the University of Michigan.

In undergrad I was always thinking about maybe going to dental school but was never really all that crazy about it at the time. After graduating I figured why not take the DAT and see how I do. Here's my scores as embaressing at it might be.


Not to make excuses but I really didn't study to hard. Took a Kaplan course but I was lazy and didn'tkeep up with the course work. Had some major distractions that summer


This section was hard for me and I studied only the kaplan material which helped a little. If I had known about a product like CDP back then I think that score would've been stronger.


It's pretty obvious that I suck at math. Again just Kaplan. I do believe this is an area that I could improve in.


I've always been ok w/bio to me is was just lots of memorizing.


This was never my strong pt but in relation to my other scores it doesn't show.


Did well in ORG 1 and ORG 2. Maybe I memorized to much and never learned the correct rxn's


I had a section on investments and the stock market. Investing is something I've stutied for some time so I guess that was a gift from god. Haha.

My science and overall GPA was 3.4
My question to everyone that has taken and is going to take the DAT is do you think it's possible to relearn all this material and retake the exam next spring scoring well. If I was to use all the mentioned study materials on here...Kaplan, Cliffs, Barons, Crack PAT, Destroyer, ect...

I really really appreciate the feedback guys this is something I've been thinking about a lot.



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Jun 26, 2009
In no way am I trying to be condescending, since I am in a similar boat as you (on the outside looking in to dental school). But -- are you serious about this? If you are, I don't think you would have taken the DAT in the state that you were in when you took it before. Jump around on this site and find the most common tools that can help you improve your score. With all the resources you have at your disposal plus your GPA, you should DESTROY the DAT. Just because your family is heavily invested at UMich will NOT get you in to dental school without at least a decent DAT (though I could be wrong lol). Good luck anyway.

Also -- a breakdown? Really?....A breakdown?!!


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Jul 14, 2009
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As someone who graduated college and been out of school for 5 years, I say YES! It's totally doable, but it does take some adjusting to get back into the swing of things mentally. I took my first DAT last year after being out of school 4 years, and although I "thought" I was studied up, I really wasn't. Then I retook this year, spent a lot of time re-learning the material and then learning "how" to study, and it helped a lot. Completely doable!
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