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Mar 30, 2008
Hello everyone,

I am trying to find the prompt for what AADSAS wants the people who are writing the LOR for me to address. The 4 individuals that are going to write me the LOR are wondering what strengths they should mention in there.

I used Google’s search box in SDN as well as Google’s homepage search engine. In both cases I could not find it. I did however find the prompt for the personal statement, which was the other thing I needed. Prompt for personal statement was provided by ummjoey, it can be found at:

I need help with two things. ONE, will AADSAS change the PS or LOR prompts this cycle? TWO, can anyone help me find the prompt for the LOR? The reason why I would like to get the LOR prompt is because my professors are currently on break. They start the summer session May 12, which if I wait to give them the prompt on May 15, they will be very busy with the intense summer term.

Thanks for everyone’s help, it is greatly appreciated.


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Jul 29, 2007
There is no such prompt related to the LORs. AADSAS doesn't give anything like that. Just tell them to write who they are, how they know you, and anything they want to write about your work or character.