LOR from non-English speaking doctor?


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Jan 15, 2005
ok so i volunteered in a third world country with a spanish-speaking doctor for an entire summer and i told the doctor im applying to medical school this summer and he keeps insisting that he wants to write a letter of recommendation...he said he would write the best LOR EVER...and have the entire medical staff at the clinic co-sign it....however he doesnt know a single word of english...how should i go about doing this? im not in the need for LORs and wasnt on planning on asking him..but this could be a really good LOR from the sound of it...you guys think he's going a bit over-board with the entire staff co-signing? i mean the entire staff is like 5-8 doctors/nurses who i interacted with at this small clinic...

so my three questions are:
1) should i even bother getting a LOR from him?
2) if so, how do i go about getting this LOR in english?
3) how would med schools view the co-signing?

appreciate any help/advice!


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Feb 17, 2008
Get the LOR. Let him cosign. Have it translated. Send it in as an extra.

Also, make sure the translation is mentioned within the letter.

That is, personally, how I would go about it.

It may or may not be good advice.


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Mar 7, 2005
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You could also save face by asking him for the letter in a sealed envelope with his signature on the flap. You hand carry it to your pre-med advisor or drop it in a wastebasket (your choice). Your pre-med advisor may be able to help you either get a certified translation or advise you that it isn't a helpful letter.

Frankly, I don't generally see these letters as helpful in comparison to letters from academics and investigators.
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