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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by Squidaronimous J, Jun 17, 2002.

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    I have a question about letters of recommendation. I am a non-traditional student going back for some post-bacc classes to fill out my science pre-med requirements.

    Most of the classes I available to me are rather large (in the hundreds), not a lot of opportunity to network, etc.

    However, I also work full-time at a scientific research firm (approx 6,000 PhDs on staff). I've got a very strong rapport with a number of PhDs in my division (stats/genetics). I also work on a number of national and international research projects (we contract with almost every government agency and many state govts).

    Being that I am an older, non-trad student do you think that my work experience would count as 'research experience' and that LOR from individuals that I work with (and maybe one from a doc I follow) would suffice as opposed to LORs from professors?

    Any thoughts,
    Squid J
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    it doesn't hurt to get strong LORs from PhDs and doctors that you work with. however, most schools still request at least one LOR from a science faculty member. in your case, because you are a non-traditional student you may be able to get around it but since you are still taking some post-bacc classes, take the opportunity to go to professor's office hours and get to know the professor on a personal level. let them know early on that you would like them to write you a LOR so that in the event that they refuse (lots of professors do) you won't waste your time attending all those office hours! in my committee packet, most of my LORs were from MDs, DOs, or RNs. i had two LORs from professors but i really felt that i got more out of my internship and work experiences throughout college than i actually did from classes so i guess my LORs reflected that as well. you don't want to only get LORs from people you work with only to find that you cannot apply to a particular school simply because you are missing a letter from a particular type of person. :) just remember to always make sure to get strong, favorable LORs that show the letter writer really knows you on a personal level. it helps to give them a list of persoanl things that you can suggest they may want to include in their LORs.

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