LOR from US-trained FMGs

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Sep 6, 2015
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Do LOR from US-trained FMGs (i.e. IM residency + fellow) count for anything with regards to IM residency? I tried looking but couldn't find a thread where this was specifically addressed.

I come from a small nordic country that has no real opportunities for specialization (apart from psych/FM) so we mostly go abroad (typically scandinavia / sweden) but a small % go to the US - typically the midwest/northeast. I was just wondering, apart from 3-4 university programs that have a long tradition of interviewing/accepting us, what is the value of LORs from FMGs that were trained in the US? Especially with regards to USCE - since most don't have any - could it possibly offset the need for USCE or would it just get filtered out?

I've asked around with older generations but it seems for the most part they were extensively prematched at 3-4 programs so it's hard to get a feeling for it. Furthermore due to recent financial troubles (+ the major financial cost of going to the US vs Europe) there haven't been many that have gone in the past 5 years so I'm not sure what the effect of the All-in/All-out rule is or the rising # of US grads has been.

FWIW my medical school dean (current and former), IM director, assistant IM director and most clinical professors/division chiefs are trained at US university programs.