Jul 22, 2013
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So my preceptor got back from his vacation and forgot to enter my letter in. He said my letter was ready and just wanted my AAMC ID #. I gave it to him and I also created a request on myeras and finalized the assignment. However, it says that it is not uploaded via post office yet. I'm not sure if I screwed up on my end. I'm assuming he asked me for the AAMC ID since he had an LOR account via ERAS. However, he has not responded to my inquiries on this matter as he's insanely busy right now and I feel bad badgering him anymore.

Is there a way to identify if he is trying to do it this way? It just shows my schools Deans office has been notified the day after I made the request.

Thanks and apologies for the silly question


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Sep 1, 2009
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It's columbus day in the US and ERAS took the day off. They are supposed to be back up tomorrow at 8am ESt, check back then.