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Jan 5, 2002
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Dear all,
after reading some of the web-site, I have thus become despondent and anxious. Some of the instructions (i.e. Wash U), want me to submit three LORs to the medical school, and three more LORs to the MSTP office. Others are vague.

I have one premed advisor, one package with 7 LORs. How am I suppose to divide them up and send them in separately??? Had anybody ever had such problems?


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Sep 18, 2001
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Whenever a school asked for two sets I just sent the whole packet to both places. I think they can sort it out. The real pain is when schools want special forms with each of the letters. Ugh!

Good luck,



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Mar 14, 2002
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My pre-med advisor knows nothing about MSTP and this her first year as the pre-med committee secretary here. I am also the only MSTP applying this year. So she doesn't understand at all what I'm doing and why the whole MSTP process is separated into two committees and all that.

However, I am working with her to separate letters for MD and PhD/MSTP committees so that I can request them to be sent out to their appropriate places. With UMich for example they want the committee composite letter sent one place and 3 research LORs sent to another place.

Hopefully I can get her to tag my MD letters and tag my PhD letters and this will all work out that way. We'll see what happens...
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do places get annoyed if you send in a committee letter and the other supporting letters?

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May 27, 2002
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You're lucky that your school even has a committee letter. Some of us have to coordinate the whole thing through our individual professors... :D
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