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Apr 1, 2004
Ft. Irwin, CA (Army Base)
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I am taking almost all my pre-reqs during my Freshman year and a few in my sophmore year... What do I need to do about LORs for them. I am taking my Freshman year here in California and I am moving during my sophmore year to Washington. Can I ask for the LORs and hold on to them myself? How does this work? Do I need to go all the way back to California for them? I am sure the professiors will forget me if I call up and say, hey I was in your class 2 years ago, can you write me an LOR? Any advice? My Junior and Senior year are completley non-science. Amy


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Mar 3, 2004
Danville, VA
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You may want to alert your instructors that you intend to apply to medical school and know that you will be needing a LOR from a science faculty member. However, I would recommend that you do take some science courses later too so that you will be refreshed before you take the MCAT. I finished my pre-reqs in one state and moved to another. When time came to request LOR's I emailed my instructors to re-introduce myself, asked for their mailing address, and explained why I was requesting. Next, I mailed them the evaluation forms along with the letter further explaining my intentions. Most importantly : because so much time will have passed make sure your academic performance in their class will encourage them to remember you.
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