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Dec 9, 2005
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I'm trying to decide if I should even spend the time and effort to do externships and later apply to OMFS programs. My stats thus far:

NBDE I: 89
Class rank top 30%
GPA: 3.35
1 research study
a healthy amount of extracurriculars, and I plan on doing an externship for two weeks starting next week.

My real concern is whether or not I have a chance of getting interviews, right now I'm looking at 4 year programs. Once you have an interview, is it basically the interview itself (personality?) that increases the chances of matching? I havent heard much about match yet, but i guess you rank each program and they rank you, so does luck of matching and the interview play a major part in the admission process? Any light anybody can shed on this would be a great help and much appreciated.

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Dec 4, 2005
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You always have a chance,,, externship help, OMS internships help, GPRs help... the better CV helps (ie the research you did)... leave all avenues open.
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