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Dec 23, 2009
There is quite a bit to write about; therefore, I'm going to number each issue for organizational sake.

1. GPA and ?MCAT?

My GPA is 4.0 at my current school; however, at my community college I sported a 3.07. My science GPA is a 4.0, and my current trend has been 4.0's for the previous 3 semesters in all upper level science courses.

My MCAT is honestly the least of my worries, though I havent taken it yet. I tend to do well on standardized tests and I've been preparing for the MCAT rigorously; though, I have no date set on when to take it.

I guess my main question here is my gpa. Will my GPA be taken from my 4 year institution, where my transferred classes are not taken into account, be judged? OR will my community college fallacies be taken into account as well?

2. Shadowing/Internship

I'm really struggling in both of these aspects. My current course load is dominating me; however, it's necessary because I want to graduate by next May. I have many volunteer hours at a nursing home, where I have shadowed people in the medical field (1,000+ hrs), but I think that I need shadowing hours specifically under a specific physician.

I currently have very little lab experience; whereas, my school does not have adequate supplies/material for me to gain these critical hours of experience. I have been searching all over since January for a biomed internship and have had no success. I've, now, went as far as to email every professor know to man, hoping that they're in dire need of some summer help.

This is my second issue.

3. MD/PhD vs MD

I really enjoy the research aspect of medicine, though I do not have much experience. I really want to learn more about MD/PhD programs because I feel that I would be more fulfilled doing research with an option to work with patients. Also, I've heard that some colleges pay for the MD/PhD programs, whereas, MD programs DEFINITELY do not.

I would like to know: 1)the main differences between applying for MD/PhD programs, 2)the main differences between the two programs in general, 3)and a website that lists the different MD/PhD programs in the US.

4. Lost

This semester has been so extremely busy for me. Somehow, I've got myself into research projects that have nothing to do with my future endeavors. Ie: Analyzing Rugose Corals, and the epibionts encrusting them (Fossils?? wtf)...

I took this project because the professor was basically begging me, and he promised to publish the findings. AND I had nothing else to do at the time. Therefore, I felt doing this project was more beneficial than nothing at all.

Anyhow, I am lost in the whole process of applying to med school. Can anyone please give me links or helpful reads that can give me an appropriate timeline. I have a feeling that it willl probably be better if I wait till next April to take the mcat. Whereas, I am completely behind in the application process this year.

Any advice I am extremely grateful of! Thank you SDN'ers!!!




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Jul 10, 2008
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1.) All your classes will be considered. Your GPA will be determined using both you r4-year and your CC courses. You will have a science GPA and an overall GPA based on both course loads.

Dont let practice tests or preparation fool you into thinking you needn't worry about MCAT. If your this prepared, set a date and get it done, but know its going to be different than what you expect.


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Jun 22, 2009
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There are many parallels between you and I, namely that I was debating between MSTP and MD only for a while. I was fortunate enough to have received admissions offers to both programs, but it took some soul searching to figure out which one was truly best for me.

I am not sure where to start giving you advice. There is a lot I could comment on, though. I am going to start by PMing you a copy of my AMCAS so you can see what goes into a successful MD-PhD application and you're welcome to ask me any questions you may have. I am far from an ideal candidate, but I have been through a lot and have put my heart/soul into applying. I may be able to be a good resource for you. Good luck!!! :luck::xf: