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Lost my Cat 8 half hours ago was it The Norcarp Medcine?

Discussion in 'Pre-Veterinary' started by Imissyou, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Imissyou


    Mar 23, 2007
    I am not a vet and I am sorry for posting here but could someone please help explain it for me.

    I have not long got back from the vets where my Beauty died in my arms. I am from the UK. She would of been 17 in July.

    I took her to the vets last Sunday because for a few days she had runny eyes..he thought then it might be something else but i said i think she had a temperature as he said no infection but when he tested her temperature it was high 105 so he prescribed her Norocarp which i never heard of and also gave her an injection of something yellow looking i suppose antibiotic or the same medication.

    She still was off her food but then on the monday afternoon she seem to pick up and eating more now has her temperature must have dropped.
    I took her back Tuesday has he wanted to check her and decided to be safe he would also give her a old cat profile blood works.

    Yesterday Thursday he phoned and said she needed to come up and be on a drip right away because her kidney levels were high which i was told today that they were creatine level then was 28 but i am not sure what that means myself.

    Now today phoned to see how she was doing before i went to see her and she was doing ok this morning eating little bits which we explained that was just her way has she was a little overweight but she always ate in little amounts and is a very timid cat and he said once they have the toxins from her system from the drip he will get her on medication then home.
    They must of decided she needed more food and so they force fed her with a syringe and she went down bank they said after that :( They did not phone i phoned them to say i will be coming up to see her when they then said she was on oxygen and they gave her an injection of something but i am not sure what that is.

    Also told me thet revived her that afternoon which never told me earler after they force fed her food.

    They never told me on the phone but when i got there , explained that they did another blood test after her taking turn for worse and her kidney creatine level was now 46. I asked so what can be done as he brought her into me on oxygen and my little Beauty could not even lift her head..when i tried it just started to shake and she had mask on till the end. They said was only one way and was to put he to sleep :( Yet yesterday she ran down the stairs for me to take her the vets..sometimes it makes me think you do wrong to take them has they seem to end up worse.

    I held her in my arms for an hour before he put her to sleep. I can't belive my Beauty is gone forever now all those years a huge chunk of me has died with her.

    How can her Kidney go to such high level when she was not like it and how come they did a test to show new level yet i had to wait a few days for the first test she had, they had to send blood away.

    Was the force feeding her that did it or the drugs. I want to ask please has anyone any idea what that drug is she was given Sunday (Norocarp). Because on the Tuesday she went for to see her and for the old cat profile after coming back he said to stop that medication until he got blood work back.

    I just did a little research has i just can't think she has gone so quickly.
    Norcarp i have been told should never be given to Cats yet he injected it with her Sunday and gave me tablets to give her twice a day 50mg.
    It looks like that is what finished her from what i read as even in dogs has to be watched :(

    She was fine just went up for runny eyes last Sunday then injected her with that and the tablets for her at home. Tuesday i took her up as he said he wanted to check her that day. Then decided to do a old cat profile Tuesday then rang me after Tuesday evening to say stop the Norcarp till he gets the results back.

    Do you think he knew what he did and that medicine did her Kidneys in and shut down her whole system as when i saw her a few hours ago now she was in fits and heart so shallow then up a bit she was in and out of it the poor little girl i had so long yet seems was killed by that medicine.
    I would feel better if anyone can try to find for me or tell me that (Norcarp) 50mg twice a day and the injection he gave her of it. The other name for (Norcarp) is (Rymadil) should or should not be ever prescribed for a cat age 16 who seemed fine except for her runny eyes last Sunday.

    I am lost without you Beauty.

    Thanks for listening
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  3. Krisss17

    Krisss17 2+ Year Member

    I can't comment on your question, but I wanted to send my condolences. Here's a hug for you ((((Imissyou)))).

  4. twosoakers

    twosoakers Addict & Western U '11 7+ Year Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    Pomona, CA
    Have you read about the MenuFoods recall of many brands of canned wet catfood in the United States, which is causing acute kidney failure in cats and dogs? It's been determined to be a form of rat poison. I don't know how shipping works in your country or what food you use, but this might be something to consider.

    You also might want to post your question on the Veterinary forum rather than the Pre-Veterinary forum.

    My condolences are with you as well. I've lost cats to cardiomyopathy, FIP, and congenital kidney defect. It's never easier.
  5. Imissyou


    Mar 23, 2007
    Thank you both for your feedback and kindness it is much appreciated. I will look into the food also and see if they have recalled any in the UK.

    I will post it in the other forum then incase anyone can answer it for me about Norocarp.
  6. snow15


    Dec 16, 2006
    whoops...probably not the right place for medical advice but if you look around enough you can find the proper dosages and symptoms in cats.
  7. snow15


    Dec 16, 2006
  8. Tired Pigeon

    Tired Pigeon 7+ Year Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    Can't answer your questions, but I did want to express sincere condolences. The loss of a beloved pet just breaks your heart. So sorry.:(
  9. Serendipity4

    Serendipity4 U of MN Class of 2011 2+ Year Member

    Mar 8, 2007
    First of all, I am SOO sorry for the loss of your cat. It's amazing what a large part they play in our lives, and when they leave us they manage to leave quite a hole.

    Secondly, I also cannot answer your question -- I have a LONG way to go before becoming a vet, and therefore can only speak as a lay person here. However, after reading your post I did try and research Norocarp a bit. From what I found, you are correct in that Norocarp is GENERALLY not suggested for use in cats, however it can be used. Furthermore, in old cats, it needs to be used with more caution. Additionally, it is particularly dangerous to use in cats with kidney problems. From your post, my guess (AND THIS IS ONLY A GUESS!) is that on Tuesday when your vet recommended bloodwork, something had changed in your cat's condition such that he felt she might be having issues with her kidneys. (Do you know if her eyes had become yellow at all? Or did she seem dehydrated at that point?) If he did suspect kidney problems, that's probably why he told you to stop using the Norocarp until he got her bloodwork back, in case something was going on with her kidneys.

    My question for you is, do you know why he prescribed Norocarp in the first place? As I said, while cautioned against, its use is not unheard of in cats. However, my (very limited) understanding is that Norocarp (or Rimadyl, as you also called it) is a pain reliever. Was your cat having problems with arthritis or any other pain? If so, then this is probably why your vet prescribed that medication on Sunday.

    Again, I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you, and I am so sorry you lost your wonderful friend. My thoughts are with you.
  10. tkim

    tkim 10 cc's cordrazine Physician 10+ Year Member

    Aug 2, 2002
    New England
    I'm sorry for your loss. However, it's against SDN policy to give medical advice, and also for people to solicit medical advice. I must close this thread.

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