Lot of free time, what can I do to get off waitlists

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Aug 5, 2005
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Although I am fortunate enough to have an acceptance, I am waitlisted at 5 other schools which are higher on my list. I am out of school now and have plenty of free time. Most of that schools I am waitlisted at (Pitt, Case, Cincy, Ohio State) welcomed any updates to my file. I was just wondering how I could utilize the coming months to add valuable updates to my files at these schools. I am open to volunteering and research. I currently I live in Hartford,CT and it is hard to find research opportunities here. Any thoughts would be sincerely appreciated. Also I was just wondering what kind of activities would be appropriate to update.

Thanks in advance


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Jun 8, 2008
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Well, if you could drive to a nearby college regularly for a research position, that would probably help a lot. Most profs. are pretty receptive to letting qualified and hard-working students work in their labs, at least for unpaid positions. Paid positions are a little harder to come by, obviously.

You could also go on a volunteering trip, like a medical mission trip to another country or build a house for Habitat for Humanity, etc.

You say you're out of school, so if you have time, get a full-time volunteering position doing something you really enjoy.

You could take a class next semester to show you're still motivated about learning and preparing for medical school.

Good luck!
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