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Well I am now ready to sell all of my MCAT material. I posted this before and received quite a response from it. So if you are interested e-mail me so we can discuss it. If I receive no good offers I will put it all on EBay. Just wanted to offer it to my fellow SDNetwork peoples first!!! Good Luck!!!

ExamKrackers Audio Osmosis CD Set - 12 Cds (awesome)
ExamKrackers 1001 G.Chem Questions (awesome)
ExamKrackers 1001 O. Chem Questions (awesome)
ExamKrackers 1001 Physics Questions (awesome)
AAMC Practice Tests
AAMC Practice Items
Kaplan Review Course Materials (All Books, Flash Cards, Full Length Exams, etc)
The Silver Bullet AAMC Exam Answer Key

Look forward to hearing from you.
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