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Mar 21, 2010
I am a sophomore at a small school, majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and English. My gpa stands at a 3.2- I had a couple of serious family issues last year, which most certainly hampered my ability to do well. I have 2 C's (both in sci classes) and an F (!!!!!!) in calc. Although my grades my seem mediocre, I have a great reputation on campus, which has lead to tutoring opportunities, and will hopefully lead to great LORs.

*200 hours volunteering at hospital directly interacting with patients (4 hrs per week, started in Jan. '09)
*Certified phlebotomist- not working (although I did get ~200 hours of clinical experience as a part of my training)
*Writer in student newspaper (1yr)
*Private anatomy and chemistry tutor (1 semester so far, likely to continue)
*~20 hrs per week working at Arbys (1yr)
*I operate my own lawn care business (2yrs)
*Research in plastics (1 semester, no pubs... as of yet:)
*President/ Founder of Pre-Med Club (1 semester- the pre-med advisor asked me to fill this position specifically. Right now I am getting the club involved in raising money for patients who can't afford their medical bills- very labor intensive)
*Participation in intramural sports (captain of soccer team, tennis league, flag football and volleyball) 2yrs

No shadowing... that will change soon

No MCAT score yet. I realize that I have to blow the thing out of the water and into outer space. I am comfortable and mildly confident in this position.

My grades are exhibiting an upward trend and, provided I don't do something stupid, I should get a 3.8 this semester (all in upper level sci classes). I will likely graduate somewhere between a 3.7 and a 3.6 gpa if I continue my upward trend in grades.

I realize that grades and MCAT must be stellar from here on out. I also realize I have GOT to shadow some docs... I would be very appreciative of any advice you guys have; I want to start mending the faults on my app now before it is too late.
Sep 4, 2006
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I think your ECs look to be pretty strong. The only suggestion I'd have would be to get involved in some nonmedical/noncampus hands-on volunteering, though possibly the premed club raising funds for off-campus patients would cover that. There is good potential for organizing your club members for presentations at schools, health fairs off campus, making meals at the homeless shelter, cooking soup for a soup kitchen, etc. The leadership involved in getting others to do this work is especially helpful for your application.

Aim for straight As, as your GPA needs all the redemption you can give it. With 3.8s each semester, I figure you'd be at 3.57 by the time you graduate, unless you're increasing the credit load, going to summer school, or getting some 4.0s, too. Good luck with that.