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MD & DO Low cGPA, high sGPA, pbGPA, MCAT. Military Vet


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Oct 25, 2018
1. cGPA: 3.36 ; sGPA: 3.92; post-bacc GPA: 3.93 (50 credits, all prereqs) WARs: 80ish

2. MCAT score: 519 (129/131/128/131)

3. State of residence: TX

4.Demographic: White Male, low SES/disadvantaged

5. Undergrad/PB: state schools

6. Clinical experience: 300 hours mental health at Juvenile in-patient treatment center

7. Research experience: none

8. Shadowing experience:
35 hours Plastic
25 hours military PA (not Dr. but figure its some sort of primary care)

9. Nonclinical Volunteering
300 hours repairing low income homes
300 hours camp counselor
100 hours various military volunteer events
100 hours tutoring program I started in Post-bacc

10. Extracurriculars
ROTC- Leadership role 1000s hrs
Outdoor Trip Leader/Rock climber- 1000s hrs
Obscure Competitive College Sport- team took 3rd in nation, 1000 hrs

11. Paid employment:
Worked full time since I was 16, through my first undergrad. All low wage service jobs
4 years Army Officer
Supplemental Instructor for Gen Chem 2

12. Other:
Did poorly my undergrad (3.17) because of apathy. Luckily I only took a single science course and got an A in it. I also had a pretty significant upwards trend. After I graduated I commissioned as an Army Officer. Being responsible for others really helped me grow as a person and realize what I wanted to do with my life. I got out in late 2018 and took 3.5 semesters of all of the prereqs and only got a B in Ochem. Got some pretty solid LORs from my science Profs and my Committee, as well as my first commander.

13. Perceived Shortfalls:
Because of the short time between me getting out and applying, I saved most of my clinical experience for these last six months. COVID-19 cancelled that plan. While I still have some solid experience, I had some clinical research planned that I think would have rounded out my app. I am still planning on getting some research during my gap year, it won't be in time for this cycle.

School list: When making my OOS list, I prioritized it being somewhere I would like to live. For location, I looked for coastal locations or at least ones with plenty of outdoor activities nearby. I have lived in rural towns, and the suburbs in the middle of nowhere, and I am not looking to do that again. Then I targeted schools that valued service.

All Texas Schools except RGV (12 schools)

George Washington
Oregon HSU

I want to add East Coast schools, but I wasn't sure which ones I had a shot at. Are there any schools I should add or subtract?


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2+ Year Member
Oct 25, 2018
Just updating this for anyone that is looking at this in the future. I ultimately received 5 IIs all in Texas and multiple acceptances amongst them. Zero interviews out of state so their predictions were correct
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