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Aug 5, 2006
My GPA is not so high, about 3.19. i am a student at stony brook university. i just fininshed my second year. i took general chem 1 and 2 with l2 abs(my grade is b+, b, b+,b), organic chem 1 and 2 with a lab(b, b+,b), math 1 and 2 (A, A-), English writing 1 b+, biology 150(praparation for biology 1 and2 ,but it is not required for dental schools, biology 1 and 2, but i did very bad, i got C+ in biology 150,b in biology 1 and c in biology 2, do i need to retake it? what do you think about my grade when i apply for dental schools? when is best time for me to take the DAt, i plan to take the dat in January 2007, do u think it is late? if i won't do well , i will take another one in July, is it possible? also when do i begin to apply for dental school if i attend dental schools in 2008? when should i begin to prepare for the DAT? i will use the kaplan as the reviewing book, how do u think about the Kaplan DAT,do u have any good books to suggest me to study. what do u think the chance to get into dental school with that kind of gpa. somebody say if u did bad in gpa. a good dat score can save your life,is it true? thinks a lot


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Sep 27, 2005
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a lot of your questions can be answered by simply researching the forum.
other than that, i'd recommend improving your gpa to at least a 3.3 since competition is only getting harder each year. who knows what the avg gpa and dat score will be when you apply! yikes :eek:
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